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Wild Honey is an all-female roots trio based in the East Kootenay region of spectacular British Columbia. The band of busy mothers has been together for a decade, and has just released their second album, an EP titled ‘Let’s Be Cowboys’. Recorded and produced by Canadian music legend Barney Bentall, the songs are compiled and delivered with gentle grace. Always inspired by their mountain towns and love of the outdoors, Shelby, Jessica, and Laura were searching for a sound that celebrated these passions. The album is a love letter to their daughters – 8 in total – celebrating their unique strengths and ability to shatter the stereotypical female roles expected of them. The honest, fragile lyrics in songs like ‘Let it Roll’ and ‘Caged Bird’ tenderly highlight the mental health crisis faced by so many after the isolation of the pandemic. ‘Fly Angel’ is a bold and cheeky answer to John Prine’s classic ‘Angel from Montgomery’. Overall, the album is a musical promise to hold on - hope is not lost. To quote from track 3, ‘Let it Roll’, “The sun will rise, and time will heal your soul.”

shelby knudsen

guitarist, singer, song writer
jessica niedermayer
guitarist, singer, percussionist, song writer
laura cain
violinist, singer, song writer
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